Wall Of Duty

Vibrant colors. Graceful arches. Bold wall patterns. Whether you’re constructing high rises or hotels, Senergy Wall Systems offer a wide range of options for stucco work on building exteriors. The Senergy brand is well-respected in the industry for R&D and materials that stand the test of time. Now available at HPM Building Supply, Senergy products have been used in local construction projects—including Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Wai Kai in Ewa Beach and Koula at Ward Village.

Quiet Riot

To protect your hearing, Klein Tools’ Bluetooth Jobsite Earbuds fill the ear canals with expandable foam tips—reducing noise levels to 28 decibels. The earbuds are dust-proof and waterproof and have built-in microphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connection to accept phone calls in between listening to music. Batteries in both the earbuds and charging case provide up to 15 hours of runtime. Model AESEB1 (released in 2022) comes with USB-A to USB-C charging cables. 

Crime In Real Time

When gates and locks don’t offer enough protection, TrueLook’s Jobsite Surveillance system confirms threats and identifies trespassers in real time. The system uses human verification and Intelligent Motion Alerts technology to monitor jobsites during pre-set hours and in pre-designated locations. When criminal activity is detected, TrueLook receives a live video clip of the site and notifies law enforcement, if needed. The package includes lifetime-warranty cameras, a mobile-friendly app and a monthly service fee.    

Drum On Down!

Most drum cutters move from side to side when digging trenches. Epiroc’s newly released drum cutter, the VC 2000, moves in a straight line, similar to a bucket. The movement prevents wear-and-tear on the carrier arm and reduces energy by up to 40 percent. The cutter, measuring 40 inches wide with 60 picks, attaches to excavators weighing between 20 tons and 40 tons. 


One way to keep workers safe is to regularly repair and maintain heavy equipment. Wear-Flex High Strength Rapid Repair Compound fixes off-road tires, forklifts and cracked concrete and is available in self-leveling and non-sag formulas for horizontal and vertical applications. The self-mixing urethane repair solution is designed for high-vibration, expandable surfaces. To attest to its strength, Wear-Flex’s creators conducted an experiment on the International Space Station to observe the effect of microgravity on rubber compounds. Rubber formed during the spaceflight—and stayed in place even after space crews landed on Earth.

New Products-Stellar

Stellar Performance

Stellar Industries introduces the CDTpro control system. Available through Crane Tech LLC in Mililani, the CDTpro has an ergonomically designed handheld transmitter with an over-molded rubber bumper system to maximize durability while keeping it lightweight. CDTpro has a full suite of feedback screens, including current load on the crane, distance to maximum capacity and vibratory alerts to let the operator know when approaching the maximum load capacities. Its patent-pending Range Finder technology estimates distance and calculates capacities from the operator’s location when holding the remote.

Running with Scissors

JLG introduces two 2646 scissor lift models: ES2646 electric mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) and hydraulic-drive R2646 MEWP. Both have a platform height of 26 feet and a capacity of 1,200 pounds. Available through Grainger in Honolulu, the ES2646 and R2646 JLG MEWPs share a common chassis and platform, offering 32 feet of working height and the ability to carry two occupants to height in indoor applications and one occupant outdoors. The ES2646 model is available with optional CleanGuard leak-containment system for work on sensitive flooring. The R2646 has active pothole protection that provides increased ground clearance when working on demanding terrain.

Caps & Straps

Green Link Eco-Engineering has changed the composition of its straps and caps to injection molded glass-reinforced nylon, still retaining the striking “safety yellow” color. Straps are designed for Heavy Pipe while a cap design was developed for Lite Pipe Supports. The Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead strap secures a 2 1/2-inch nominal pipe. The Lite Pipe Support cap is designed to secure a single 1-inch nominal pipe or two 1/2-inch nominal pipes. 

These straps increase the stability of pipes, conduit, channel and related mechanical equipment, and satisfy local code requirements. To contact a Hawaii sales rep, email

Horse Sense

Hitachi’s EX2000-7 excavator, available through Papé Machinery, builds on the productivity of the EX1900-6 with reduced fuel consumption. An efficient QST30-C Cummins engine meets U.S. EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4) regulations. Individually controlled hydraulic pumps use an electric regulator on each main pump, optimizing engine power and lowering fuel consumption. Available in backhoe or front-shovel configurations and as an electric model. The optional Aerial Angle system provides a real-time bird’s-eye view around the machine.

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