Down and Dirty With Sediment and Erosion Control Training
Beach erosion control efforts at Kaanapali Beach Walk, Maui, Hawaii. PHOTO COURTESY: FOREST & KIM STARR, CC BY 3.0 US, VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Those who wish to be certified as construction site sediment and erosion control inspectors (CISEC) should contact the non-profit 501(c)6 organization CISEC Inc. for its on-line inspection training programs.


Qualifications to attend include:

  • A comprehensive understanding about sediment and erosion processes and how the discharge of pollutants associated with construction activities may impact the environment.
  • The ability to meet the EPA’s requirements for a qualified inspector and an understanding of federal regulations associated with the NPDES discharge permit.
  • Ability to read and understand construction site S&EC reports and plans. Prior environmental education and construction site field experience (e.g., inspections, best management practices (BMP) installation, etc.) involving S&EC and/or stormwater pollution prevention.
  • The ability to communicate orally and to develop written documentation. Applicant’s abilities, skills, experience and knowledge of S&EC and storm water pollution prevention will be assessed through testing as provided by the CISEC professional certification programs.

Training modules scheduled for January and February are conducted via Zoom for the United States, Canada, and Malaysia and can be found at this link. Although it is not necessary to attend the training sessions to take the exam, it is recommended. Those with less than two years work experience can apply to become a CISEC in Training (CISEC-IT).


To become a certified registrant, an applicant must pass the written examination with a grade of 75% or higher. CISEC Inc. may take up to 35 days to grade and provide results.

To maintain designation status with CISEC Inc., all CISEC registrants are expected to pay an annual (and if applicable, late and reinstatement) fee, submit 12 professional development hours (PDH) and sign an annual contract.

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