New Products: Coir Soaks Up Industrial Spills


EarthSafe is expanding its portfolio of spill containment products with FlashDry coir (coconut) absorbent at its core.

Classified as both a universal and hazmat absorbent with hydrophobic and oleophilic properties for marine or land, FlashDry works for all types of spills, including chemicals, biohazards and hydrocarbons.

On water, its honeycomb-like structure and buoyancy allow it to quickly separate and encapsulate oil spills. It absorbs up to four times its weight on contact to clean up spills faster and leave no residual residue. Dustless, nontoxic and non-abrasive with a neutral pH, the collection complies with OSHA standards.

Packed in a high visibility duffle with ID tag, the kit includes instructions, 14-to-15-inch by 20-inch universal absorbent pads, two 3-inch by 4-foot universal absorbent socks (for blocking gutters), four pairs of nitrile gloves, a line of spill mats, a discard bag, two universal rapid response spill kits in four sizes — each with and without two 5-liter buckets of FlashDry coir absorbent.

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