Condo Farming à la Peter Savio

Savio Realty Ltd. is offering Ohana Farm Parcels at Paalaa Uka Pupukea Road in Wahiawa in a condominium format. Through a recent press release, Peter Savio says that, “So far, our local farmers’ strong response to this new agricultural condo [format] makes the land affordable for farmers, as the land is being offered at cost under my affordable condo program.” Savio has structured his program to ensure the land will remain affordable by tying the future value of available lots to local wages—in effect passing on the savings to future generations of farmers. “It’s a case of local people helping local people, and not relying on the government,” Savio says.

An additional 150 acres will be available at the new Orchard Plantation near Leong Highway in Waialua. Meetings began in January 2023 to help more local farmers purchase affordable farmland on Oahu as members of a condo association. “These owners will not only own the land they farm but will in perpetuity manage all of the farmlands with the newly formed condo association,” Savio says.

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