New Products: Vegetable Oil Powers Hybrid Construction Cranes


New hybrid mobile construction cranes by Liebherr use hydro-treated vegetable oil instead of diesel to travel to the jobsite, and can switch to full electric mode for local operation.

According to a press release, the hybrid pairing can result in only 10 percent of the costs associated with diesel use over the course of a year.

Liebherr’s mobile construction cranes are designed to move from one site to another and deploy quickly, requiring only one person to operate. Once at its destination, the hybrid crane can be powered by electricity, with zero-emissions and less noise than a diesel-powered set-up. Reduced noise and emissions are ideal for projects in residential areas or night-time work.

The crane’s electrical operation is powered by the Liduro Power Port, Liebherr’s mobile battery-based energy storage system. HVO is fully compatible with all Liebherr engine components and can be used in its pure form or may even be mixed with diesel to any ratio.


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