New Products: Heavy Equipment, Controlled Remotely


Remote work has become a familiar concept in recent years. Some jobs easily lend themselves to remote work, but if you’re a heavy equipment operator driving a wheel loader, you’re expected to be present and behind the controls at a jobsite.

Until now, that is. Thanks to autonomous technology and remote command capabilities from Teleo, heavy equipment operators now have the ability to perform point-to-point operation of remote-controlled and semi-autonomous machines.

In short, the technology allows for automated performance of routine tasks, while a human operator can still take control remotely to perform tasks the autonomous systems can’t handle.

The system can also be retrofitted to work with existing fleets, with remote command centers able to be placed wherever needed. While the set-up may look like something from a sci-fi movie, once an operator gets behind the controls it’s all business.

Teleo sees the new technology as a means to help ease labor shortages many companies currently face by making jobs more accessible to more individuals. Customers started utilizing the new offerings in December.

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