New Products: Add Grit to Santa’s List


Here’s one way to inspire a new generation to join the trades: “Grit Leads to Greatness” is a book that draws children and adults into the world of construction through secret passageways, snowboarding, volcanos, waterslides and rollercoasters.

This creative tale, written by Jenny Kerr Schroen and Chris Eccleston and illustrated by Justin Donaldson with Rachel Danae, puts kids in the shoes of main characters Tegan and Trig as they witness their current world of a decaying dystopian society entranced by mysterious glowing stones. Following a devastating earthquake, the pair goes on an epic journey to “Greatness” — accompanied by magical creatures — to find what they need to save their city.

The authors say they hope this book encourages readers to find greatness in their own lives by resisting distractions, believing in themselves and taking action when others do nothing. Most importantly, they can understand in simple terms how grit is the cornerstone of a well-lived life.

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