What HECO Wants in its REZ Zones

Where is this renewable energy coming from? Gigawatt-hours produced by utility and independent power producers for Hawaiian Electric customers in 2021     GRAPHIC COURTESY: HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC

Hawaiian Electric (HECO) is requesting public input to locate sites for new projects that will power Island grids with 100% renewable energy by the state’s 2045 deadline.

Along with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, HECO has created maps of Maui, Oahu and Hawaii Island containing Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) areas—places where future clean energy projects could be located. HECO is looking for input regarding solar and wind energy and other resources and technologies—including geothermal, biomass and hydro-energy—as it plans for a resilient and reliable grid powered by diverse energy sources.

To seamlessly blend these sources with agriculture, housing, natural resources and culturally significant spaces, ideas about renewable energy projects that might work well in REZs close to local neighborhoods or community view planes can be submitted via HECO’s interactive map:


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