New Website and Bot Speed Up Permitting

The City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP) in November launched its new website aiming to expedite building permits and modernize the department.

The new website’s “Permitting Process Improvements” (PPI) tab links to DPP’s latest permitting process changes, checklists, references, forms and interpretations.

DPP in November also installed an automated computer bot to help review electronic building permit application plans. The bot reviews basic formatting in four of 11 checklist items in the prescreen phase prior to code review by examiners.

Permit applicants were scheduled to begin receiving email notices starting Nov. 28 that identify deficiencies in at least one of the four checklist items as well as a link to correction guidelines on the PPI tab. According to the DPP, by January, the bot should be fully functional, reviewing most, if not all, of the 11 checklist items and substantially cutting down DPP’s prescreen backlog of approximately 3,500 applications.

Permit applicants and the public can receive PPI updates by subscribing to a new email list located at the bottom of the PPI tab page:

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