Savio Launches Koa Waena


Koa Waena in Kihei, Maui, is a Savio Group affordable housing project breaking ground later in 2022. The large, new rural subdivision of approximately 500 single-family homes on 5,000-square-foot lots for approximately $200,000 will be available to current Maui residents and not outside investors. Realtor and developer Peter Savio is working with Maui County to finalize the price per 5,000-square-foot lot. 

“We are not building homes, so the price … includes only a 5% profit to the developer, which reduces the overall price to the buyer,” Savio says. 

Only Maui contractors will be hired for this project to create jobs and keep the profits in the community. Savio is working with the Carpenters Union to see this project come to fruition in the fairest way possible for buyers and workers. Plans involve the buyers meeting with developers to build a home on their own lot.

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