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New Products

Magnetic Motion

LokkLatch® MagneticLokkLatch® Magnetic gate hardware from CertainTeed offers a new latching solution—effortless gate entry and exit with smooth, high-security locking system. LokkLatch Magnetic features hidden fasteners, dual lock, an intuitive push-pull handle and reliable magnetic latching action. Engineered with molded polymer and stainless steel components, the kit includes multi-adjust hinges, is available in a black finish and dual six-pin re-keyable locks, and features ergonomic, contoured gate handles. Vertically and horizontally adjustable, it requires only one drilled hole for ease of installation.

Drilling and Chiseling

Hilti TE 70 combihammersThe next generation of Hilti TE 70 combihammers has been upgraded to include Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC), a feature that reduces the possibility of twisting should the drill bit catch. With an 1800-watt motor, the TE 70 offers various applications, including drilling in concrete, stone and masonry with TE-YX (SDS Max) bits; drilling holes for rebar dowels and anchor bolts; through-hole drilling and coring for mechanical and electrical applications, as well as chiseling and demolition of concrete and masonry.

LED luminairesSlice & Dice

WAC Lighting's new Slice and Dice LED luminaires can be mounted as ceiling fixtures or wall sconces. Slice, a round design, is offered in 9-inch 23-watt and 11-inch 28-watt versions with a light output of up to 955 delivered lumens (2,160 LED lumens). The square-shaped Dice is available in 6-inch 16-watt and 9-inch 24-watt versions, providing up to 705 delivered lumens (2,160 LED lumens). Slice and Dice are available as 277-volt when specially ordered. Both styles are ADA compliant.

New Vents

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent is available in 7, 9 and 12 inches with both filtered and unfiltered options, made of high quality co-polymer. Reinforced ribs provide greater stability and rigidity, imprinted slot guides ensure proper slot width, and nail holes and nail lines enable easy installation. The product line also includes a Class A fire-rated vent. CertainTeed Rolled Ridge Vent, also available in filtered and unfiltered, is designed for use in roof pitches from 3/12 to 12/12. The product features a unique, virtually invisible profile that installs fast. CertainTeed Intake Vent can be installed on a shingled roof with or without overhangs, and can be used to supplement existing soffit or under-eave vents. Internal baffles, drainage system and weather filter provide three levels of weather protection. The intake vent allows air to flow into the attic and helps prevent heat build-up.

Spark Modern Fires Fire It Up Outdoors

Spark Modern Fires announces its new built-in Outdoor Vent Free Fire Ribbon, developed for a fireplace that will fit into an outside exterior wall where there is no chimney or flue. Burning natural gas or LP/propane, the new outdoor fire ribbon comes in 3-foot and 4-foot widths in stainless steel only, can be started via remote control, and can be ordered with optional fire objects, media tray and safety screen. This product is accepted by all major U.S. building and mechanical codes, including the IBC and the UMC.

Retrofit Lamps

three-watt LED G9MaxLite® introduces two- and three-watt LED G9 retrofit lamps as versatile, energy-efficient alternatives for up to 40-watt halogen T4 G9-based lamps to retrofit easily into existing G9-sockets used in dry locations in commercial and residential applications. The low-profile LED retrofit lamps install easily and, unlike halogen, they do not require handling with gloves or a soft cloth to avoid premature risk of rupture. The G9 lamps produce halogen-like light for more than 12 times the life of a typical halogen.

Button Up

Button LightsWAC Lighting's new versatile LEDme® Button Lights are designed for recessed or surface mounted cabinet applications, including luxury kitchen counters and retail displays. The new luminaires deliver strong lumen output and shadow-free illumination. These energy-efficient cabinet lighting solutions can be surface mounted or recessed for a built-in look. Miniature square and round styles, with a 11⁄2-inch aperture and a 21⁄4-inch width, deliver a soft warm directional light at 3,000K from a low-profile shallow installation. The luminaires disappear into curio cabinets and étagère shelves while deploying balanced lighting from multiple fixtures across the space.

Sun Block

Interior sun control fabricInterior sun control fabric manufacturer Phifer, Inc. unveils a third option in its eco-friendly SheerWeave Infinity2™ range of 100 percent recyclable, PVC- and lead-free window shade fabrics. The new 1 percent open full basket weave fabric window treatment line is certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Phifer also announces the re-introduction of the popular Style 7500 blackout fabric as an economical option in PVC-free blackout fabrics.

Stick It

structural glazing sealantDow Corning introduces a new structural glazing sealant to help overcome façade construction challenges. Dow Corning® 121 Structural Glazing Sealant can potentially simplify installation and reduce repair time. Supplied in a two-part cartridge with a static mixer, this neutral-cure RTV silicone sealant comes in a 1-to-1 ("121") mix ratio, minimizes quality assurance issues and offers excellent adhesion and structural strength on many substrates without using a primer. It is suitable for on-site structural glazing, in-shop structural glazing, and repair or replacement of structurally glazed glass and other substrates.

Batt Insulation

thermal performance and moisture management CertainTeed has introduced a new way for builders and contractors to approach thermal performance and moisture management with SMARTBATT™ with MoistureSense™ technology, a fiberglass batt insulation that contributes to healthier homes and buildings by managing moisture. Unlike traditional polyethylene vapor barriers, this smart vapor retarder adapts based on moisture levels in the wall cavity, blocking moisture from entering when humidity is low and allowing the wall to breathe when it senses high humidity that needs to be released, helping reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth.

low-level scissor liftsRunning with Scissor Lifts

Custom Equipment's Hy-Brid HB 1030 low-level scissor lifts offer main tenance crews and contractors 750 pounds of platform capacity. Oper ators can load the lifts with more tools and supplies, reducing up-and-down trips and saving time. The all-purpose, heavy duty lifts allow users to handle multiple applications up to working heights of 16 feet and can accom-modate two people at a time while provid ing a substantial working area. Platforms are 25 inches wide by 60 inches long, and feature 30-inch slide-out extensions for even greater working space. The extensions have capacities of 250 pounds.

Restofit Resilience 

joint systemsConstruction Specialties Inc., a manufacturer of specialty building products, has added Restofit™ joint systems specifically designed for replacing existing, worn or broken expansion joint covers. Designed to improve building resiliency while minimizing replacement time and maintenance expenses, Restofit joint systems accommodate existing construction with little to no modification of the floor surface. By requiring minimal work for installation, the Restofit line allows joint cover replacement to be completed within a few hours, making the job easy to accomplish overnight or during off-peak hours.

code-compliant grid systemsCode-Compliant Ceilings

CertainTeed Ceilings introduces two new code-compliant grid systems: SeismicSecure™and FireSecure™. The two-hour fire-rated roof ceiling assembly does not include a layer of fire-rated gypsum boards, saving on materials and installation. The FireSecure system, available in a 15/16-inch grid face, has undergone rigorous testing for fire rating under ASTEM E119 and is suited for both UL and ULC fire-rated designs. The SeismicSecure suspension system has been recognized by ICC-ES as a code-compliant solution in areas where building codes mandate seismic compliance.

architectural metal panelsMetal Panels

AEP Span, a division of ASC Profiles, offers architectural metal panels for use in screens, fencing and gate applications for the architectural and commercial/industrial markets. AEP Span offers a selection of six architectural metal panels. Product options also include bare ZINCALUME® Plus or pre-painted with ASC's Dura Tech® 5000 or Dura Tech mx paint system. Warranties for chalk, fade and film integrity are available in durations of up to 30 years for Dura Tech 5000 colors and up to 25 years in Dura Tech mx.

Armor Up

ARMOR X2Lochinvar's latest commercial water heater introduction, the ARMOR X2 commercial condensing water heater, combines stainless steel heat exchanger technology with modulating/condensing combustion to deliver thermal efficiencies as high as 96 percent. Lochinvar also introduces its new online water heater sizing calculator, LochSpec, which generates sizing solutions for commercial water heating systems and provides recommendations for Lochinvar equipment options, such as the ARMOR X2 model.

Arc to the MAX

volumetric LED panelsMaxLite® announces the addition of ArcMAX™ volumetric LED panels, which qualify for national utility rebates. Featured in the MaxLED® line of performance-based LED luminaires and lamps, the LED panel fixtures are designed for installation in T-bar grid or drop-in ceilings in a broad array of commercial and institutional applications. Designed as energy-efficient replacements for 64- to 96-watt fluorescent fixtures, ArcMAX™ offers 42-watt 1-foot x 4-foot and 2-foot x 2-foot models and a 55-watt 2-foot x 4-foot panel. ArcMAX™ panels are constructed with a steel housing and reflectors, angled interior end caps and a polycarbonate milky white-diffuser cover.

Got Milk Pendant Lighting

milk bottle pendant lightMeyda Custom Lighting, a Meyda Tiffany Company, delivers its new milk bottle pendant light, designed for use above kitchen counters and islands, restaurant tables, bars and retail countertops, as well as other residential and contract applications. Developed from a five-inch-wide glass milk bottle that now houses a T6.5 lamp, the shade is suspended from hardware and matching canopy in a white powder coat finish. The bottle can be suspended from ceiling heights ranging from one to six feet. Custom designs and finishes available.

Stock Shapes

stock shapes for industrial applicationsEnsinger, Inc. introduces new and improved TECATRON® PPS stock shapes for industrial applications. The new stock shapes offer property enhancements that should result in finished parts that are tougher, more resilient and easier for end users to machine. Because of its chemical resistance and ease of machining, TECATRON® PPS suits a variety of applications, including fuel cells for the energy industry. Made from FDA compliant resins, it is also used extensively in applications where FDA compliance is required. They will be stocked in both rod and plate.

Candid Camera

40-megapixel cameraArecont Vision's new 40-megapixel camera is now in use by security operations in Hawaii, where hotels and condominiums have installed numerous surveillance cameras and access control systems. The detail of an image, as measured in pixels, dictates whether one can read a license plate or recognize a face. One of the most important criteria when evaluating the ROI of a camera is the number of pixels delivered per dollar spent. Megapixel panoramic high definition cameras capture more information per camera on license plates, facial recognition, numbers on shipping crates and more. For analog and standard definition cameras, it may require more cameras to cover the same area under surveillance, and both deliver less detailed images. Pan-tilt-zoom systems often require a live operator following events in real-time. Megapixel cameras have the ability to zoom into live scenes and record video with high resolution and wide-angle coverage.
Arecont Vision's new 40-megapixel camera is now in use by security operations in Hawaii

Green Light

LED-8025 garage/utility bulbLight Efficient Design introduces the LED-8025 garage/utility bulb. Designed for low bay applications in parking structures and warehouses, this patent-pending bulb replaces existing High Intensity Discharge (HID) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. Until now, facility managers and building engineers needed to add the cost of a new fixture when weighing the decision to switch to LED. Users can save energy costs: The 52W bulb replaces up to 175W metal halide bulb. Users can also save maintenance costs: Each bulb has an estimated 50,000-hour life, reducing labor for bulb replacement. To save on overall retrofit project costs, simply replace existing bulbs with LED bulbs, rather than more costly LED replacement fixtures. Light Efficient Design's retrofit lighting solutions provide energy saving products supported by LM79, Lighting Facts, UL, DLC and, most notably, Energy Star.

WAC's New Pendant

Huntington PendanThe bungalow styling of the new Huntington Pendant is the latest lighting design in WAC's Early Electric Collection. The low-voltage pendant operates on a 12-volt low voltage system and uses just 5.6 watts while delivering up to 360 lumens, a CRI (color rendering index) of 85, and is offered in a color temperature of 3000K. Huntington can be hung from the ceiling using WAC's Quick Adjust™ Canopy with a sturdy aircraft cable that can be custom shortened tool free by hand. Designed without any exposed hardware, the equipped canopy offers a clean architectural style. Quick Connect™ models require a special adapter that makes them compatible with WAC's track and rail systems as well as other manufacturers' popular track lighting systems used throughout the industry. The pendant is 8 5/16 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches wide.

Round Duct LineHVAC Insulation

CertainTeed introduces its ToughGard Ultra*Round Duct Liner, a fiberglass duct liner overlaid with a durable fire-resistant black composite air stream surface, which is scored to allow for easy installation in spiral air ducts. It also has improved acoustical performance, and provides thermal-insulating properties and lower HVAC operating costs by reducing energy consumption. Its thermal properties help control condensation, which helps improve indoor air quality by reducing unwanted moisture. This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent to ward off potential mold and microbial growth on the liner surface.

Reduce Time & Hassle

Tuff-Rod™ push/pull poles from IDEATuff-Rod™ push/pull poles from IDEAL simplify the task of running cables above ceilings, down walls, under raised floors, or through hard-to-access voids and cavities. Made of non-conductive fiberglass rods, these flexible poles can be used with a variety of cable and wire types, including speaker and telephone wire, twisted pair data cables, fiber, thermostat, coax and general electrical cables to dramatically reduce time on the job. Tuff-Rods can be threaded together to achieve a maximum length of 30 feet, allowing the installer to create custom rods for longer cable runs. Three attachment-ends extend the rod's versatility.
Besides standard white and blue, a pale green "glow in the dark" version is available for contractors working in attics, basements and other dimly lit areas. Tuff-Rod repair kits can also be purchased.

High-Performance Plastics

High-Performance Plastics Ensinger now offers thick-gauge 24" x 48" plates in 5" and 6" thicknesses. This capability is unique in the stock shapes industry. In addition to introducing the new plate capability, Ensinger has increased its large-diameter rod capability from 8" diameters to 9" and 10" diameters in standard 5-foot lengths. Products like TECAFORM® copolymer acetal and Delrin® homopolymer acetal are now readily available in these larger sizes. Ensinger has also added the ability to run high-performance resins, such as TECAPEEK® and TECAPEI® in 500 mm (19.68) widths.

Lighting Up

Merak LED Roadway Street Light fixturesMaxLite®, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of award-winning MaxLED® luminaires and lamps, announces its Merak LED Roadway Street Light fixtures to its growing roster of DesignLights Consortium® (DLC)-qualified products. The Merak series is offered in 30- to 300-watt models in Types I, II and III IES distributions that replace 70- to 1,000-watt high pressure sodium cobra head fixtures and deliver up to 26,400 lumens to support main and ancillary streets. These LED fixtures can match the photometric overlay of standard high-pressure sodium cobra head fixtures while operating at a lower wattage, and meet or exceed the lumens produced by the incumbent technology. LED Security Light
MaxLite® also announces the addition of its LED Security Light to the ENERGY STAR list of qualified lighting products. The LED Security Light provides effective illumination for outdoor commercial and industrial environments. MaxLite's 14-watt MaxLED® Security Light Fixture with dusk-to-dawn PhotoCell offers a long 50,000-hour life and 5000K (daylight) correlated color temperature (CCT) in an architectural bronze finish, and it is backed by MaxLite's 5-year limited warranty.

emPower Energy

battery-storage systemA new battery-storage system created by Honolulu-based Island Pacific Energy aims to offer a viable power option for owners of homes and small businesses in Hawaii. The system, called emPower, is a 4-foot by 2-foot aluminum container with electrical fittings and storage batteries inside. It costs between $10,000 and $30,000. Island Pacific Energy ships the parts for emPower to Honolulu, where it is assembled. The system is aimed at the residential and small-business markets, such as gas stations, small restaurants and grocery stores.


Bright Light, Big Breeze

Powerfoil X LED fanThe Big Ass Fan Company introduces the Powerfoil X LED fan, the first LED-equipped industrial ceiling fan. The Powerfoil X LED delivers as much light as a 400-watt halide. With easy installation, it also eliminates the need to rearrange lighting grids. It generates large volumes of gentle air movement using small (1-2 hp) motors, making it an ideal and energy-efficient way to cool large areas.

Extreme Protection

LunaTik's TakTik Extreme caseProtect your iPhone 5 with LunaTik's TakTik Extreme case. Delivering ultra-rugged protection from impact and drops, it features Gorilla® Glass for screen protection without sacrificing touchscreen responsiveness. The specially designed membranes keep out water and dust. Secure screw closure still allows access to all iPhone 5 ports. Other features include sealed audio and charging ports and a ringer silencer switch.

A Better Built Square

LaSquareLaGesse brings you a more versatile combination square with LaSquare. With a 2-inch-wide base, LaSquare can be used on odd-shaped materials such as round or square tubing, handrails, pipe, crown molding, cement blocks, wooden posts and more. The stainless steel blades have precisely etched graduation marks and come in four different lengths, ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

Quick Stripper

PrepPRO™Ideal Industries Inc.'s PrepPRO™ preps virtually any coaxial cable in as few as two turns of its spinner ring. And by replacing the primary blade cartridge with the included UTP/STP cartridge, it can remove the outer jacket of CAT3/5e/6 cables, doubling its value by replacing the need for a traditional UTP stripper.

Powerful Cutting Tool

drill-mounted sheet material cutterThe Bad Dog Biter™ is a drill-mounted sheet material cutter. Powered by a hand drill; no additional power source is needed. Equipped with a pair a powerful cutting heads, the Bad Dog Biter cuts precise patterns. Versatile and usable in many trades, it cuts corrugated, round or flat materials up to 1/8-inch thick (depending on material) with no sparks or distortion of material. Biter's patented, steerable heads adjust 360 degrees for easy cutting in tight spaces.

Superior Grip & Fit

high-performance textured latex gloveFastCap® presents two lines of gloves that offer ultimate protection and grip at a low price. SKINS are made of durable nitrile rubber, lightweight and seamless, and provide exceptional grip. Available in a range of sizes, they are perfect for smaller sized hands. SKINS HD is a high-performance textured latex glove offering snag, puncture and abrasion resistance.

Cordless Strength & Endurance

profess ional grade portable power toolsThe Metabo Corp., a leading international manufacturer of profess ional grade portable power tools, offers its cordless angle grinder, W18LTX 4.0, which comes with a three-year warranty. With a rotating battery pack, the W18LTX 4.0 is ideal for cutting and grinding in hard-to-reach areas. In October, Metabo® will release its new 5.2Ah battery pack, which offers 75 percent greater endurance, resistance against extreme temperatures and is compatible with all current and future Metabo 18 volt machines and chargers.

Efficient Soil Sampling Tools

Big Beaver Auger Drill RigThe Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig (shown with optional SSK-1 kit) is produced by Little Beaver, Inc., a leading manufacturer of soil sampling equipment and tools. Ideal for drilling environmental test wells, soil sampling and foundation repair, the Big Beaver offers one-person operation and portability to areas inaccessible to truck-mounted units.

Lighting Solutions

high performance LED lightingAmerican Sales Development, LLC (ASD) has introduced a new line of high performance LED lighting. Designed especially for under-shelf and workstation installations, LED technology uses less energy, produces less heat and has a higher brightness and life expectancy compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. ASD LED lights plug into standard 110 outlets and can be installed a variety of ways to fit your needs including the ability to be daisy-chained together or attached with magnetic mounting hardware.

Durable & Decorative

a complete concrete surface finishing systemHusqvarna introduces HiPERFLOOR™, a complete concrete surface finishing system that can be tailored to fit any design. The HiPERFLOOR system can enhance the beauty and strength of floors in new or old construction, while reducing maintenance and costs. HiPERFLOOR is available at White Cap Construction Supply.

portable compact dust vacuumDust Grabber

The Pulse-Bac PB-550 portable compact dust vacuum from CDCLarue Industries features a window that allows the user to see the machine purging the dust and debris off the filters along with seeing the level of dust and debris inside the tank.

LifelineFall Prevention

The SpiderLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline has a maximum length of 300 feet and is designed as a safe, reliable and proven solution for workers on bridges, building construction, rooftops and many other elevated surfaces. www.spiderstaging

Hard Hat Brim with ShadeSun Blocker

Check out the Chill Its 6660 Hard Hat Brim with Shade from Ergodyne. It fits around the outside of a hard hat to offer heat and UV protection for the face and neck.

Fused Glass FlushmountBird on the Ceiling

Meyda Custom Lighting introduces the Tucano Fused Glass Flushmount, which is designed with a shade of high-fired fused glass in black, red and white that simulates a bird in flight. The fixture, which is 20 inches wide and the height is 6.5 inches from the ceiling, can be used for residential, restaurant, hotel and other commer cial lighting applications.

One-Key Lock TechnologyOne Key

Tired of lugging around a full rings of keys? BOLT (Break through One-Key Lock Technology) products, by Strattec Securty Corp., can be programmed to match your vehicle ignition key. If you need to secure gates, doors, toolboxes, spare tires, trailers and boats, BOLT offers padlocks, receiver locks and cable locks.

Demolition Power

Brokk AB, the world's leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, has added the compact Brokk 60 to its lineup. At 34.4 inches, the Brokk 60 is the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine available. Its weight, only 1,100 pounds, makes it ideal to use where space is limited in industries such as construction, demo- lition, metal processing, tunneling and nuclear. Brokk also has a diesel version, the 400D.

Rooftop Option

Trane IntelliPakThe Trane IntelliPak™ I unitary rooftop systems, with eFlex™ variable-speed technology, deliver an integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) of up to 16.9. Typical rooftop units operate at peak cooling capacity 2 to 5 percent of the time and are "off-peak" 95 to 98 percent of the time. To improve efficiency in part-load conditions, Trane eFlex's system matches unit capacity to demand levels.

Digital Timeclock

ExakTime Mobile smartphoneThe ExakTime Mobile smartphone app tracks labor and helps eliminate wasted time and costs associated with paper time cards. The app recorded more than 15 million clock-ins in 2012 alone, across six different continents. It tracks employees, job sites and cost codes, as well as advanced measures including GPS coordinates, equipment, materials, budgets and more.

Colorful Siding

CertainTeed "Monogram" 46 vinyl sidingCertainTeed "Monogram" 46 vinyl siding offers the widest low-gloss color selection in the industry with a designer palette of 33 solid colors, eight wood-tone blends and more than 40 coordinating trim colors. The product is manufactured with CertainTeed's TrueTexture™ rough cedar finish molded from real cedar boards. The siding also uses STUDfinder™ and CertiLock™ self-aligning, post-formed positive lock designed for accurate and secure installation.

Surface Prep

Merkrete Pro Patch XF is a fast-setting Portland cement based skim coating compound for leveling embossed floors and for finishing and smoothing most interior subfloors. Pro Patch XF is specifically formulated to smooth and finish substrates prior to the installation of vinyl sheet goods, vinyl composition tile (VCT), wood floors, carpet and glued-down installations and ceramic and stone tile.

micro CA-25Visual Reality

The new inspection camera from RIDGED™, the micro CA-25, allows for one-handed visual detection, diagnosis and confirmation on a 2.4-inch color LCD screen with 180-degree rotation of the cable. It comes with a hook, magnet, mirror and RCA cable.

Pry Bar

Stanley FuBar Demolition BarWith the Stanley FuBar Demolition Bar, the company says you can pound, pry, pull, tear, slice and chop—whatever it takes to get old material cleared away. The FuBar also has bolt-on grips for more efficient and safe work.

wall-mounted sliding door Smooth Sliding

The 2610F by Johnson Hardware is billed as a versatile wall-mounted sliding door hardware set suited for application indoors, and is especially useful in places where a traditional pocket door won't work or when a swinging door compromises space, such as in a bathroom, closet and storage room.

cordless wrenchDual Power

Having the right tool for the job is key, and with that in mind Panasonic has expanded its line of power tools to include a cordless wrench that has dual voltage technology. It operates off a 14.4V battery for lightweight jobs, or an 18V battery for heavier work, just with the switch of the battery pack.

temporary, non-penetrating guardrail systemSpider Safe

SpiderRail™ can help protect workers from fall-hazard areas at construction sites. Offered by Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, this product provides a temporary, non-penetrating guardrail system with easy assembly. It has a 30-pound base plate with swivel clamps for connecting the rail sections.

Metal Scan

MetalliScannerCut down the guesswork and needless holes in walls and floors with the MetalliScanner® x8 from Zircon. The metal locator can save you money lost on broken saw blades and broken drill bits by detecting copper pipes and rebar inside concrete and junction boxes behind tile. Its findings (depth and dimensions) are displayed on a backlit screen.

Lift Truck

Cat Lift TruckCat Lift Trucks has introduced a new series of 4,500- to 6,500-pound capacity electric lift trucks. The EC22N2 – EC30LN2 Series, equipped 4-wheel cushion tires, includes 36-48 voltage options and features premium operator ergonomics, enhanced performance levels and a modern design.

Reusable Crates

heavy-duty, wooden shipping and storage containersLabelmaster has hit the market with heavy-duty, wooden shipping and storage containers called SnapCrates. The crates can be reused up to 30 times. They have a unique stainless steel clip system that can be removed with- out tools, and once the clips have been removed the crates can be laid flat for storage.

Secure Anchor

The RAP (Rotating Anchor Point or Rope Access Point) The RAP (Rotating Anchor Point or Rope Access Point) from XSPlatforms can be used for many roofing jobs as a fall protection point. It can rotate 360 degrees around its axis and can click up or down to a 30-degree angle.

Flexible Roller

McCauley Roller Flex Finally, an answer to painting those hard-to-get places. The McCauley Roller Flex has a flexible handle that painters can attach the roller to and bend to the right angle or shape to get the job done. It can be screwed onto a standard telescoping extension handle for those high spots, too.

3-Way LED Bulb

3-Way LED BulbThe Switch 3-Way, the first 25/50/75 watt-equivalent LED bulb for use in three-way lighting fixtures, wasrecently unveiled by Switch Lighting Co. The bulb uses up to 80 per-cent less energy than standard three-way bulbs.

Powering electric toolsPropane Power

Powering electric tools on the job site? Generac Power Systems has rolled out its LP3250 model, a propane-fueled 3.25 kW portable generator with a tank that's integrated into the frame and is mounted on wheels. A 20-pound propane tank provides 9-hour runtime, comparable to the same size portable gasoline generator.

Merkrete Fracture Guard 7000Crack Isolator

Merkrete Fracture Guard 7000, from Parex USA, Inc., is the first liquid applied membrane to provide crack isolation up to 3/8-inch. It offers maximum protection for tile and stone installation by inhibiting the transfer of cracks from the substrate to the ceramic, porcelain or stone tile. It installs quickly, cures in 4-6 hours and can be applied with brush, roller or trowel.

industrial-grade HL8 headlampHands-free Light

Need your hands free and at the same time keep a bright light on the project? Coast's industrial-grade HL8 headlamp, boasting a pure beam focusing optic system, delivers more than 300 lumens of power. It features an easy-to-grip, hinged bezel, a rubber-sealed battery pack with an extended cord and helmet clips.

Newpark's Dura-Base matsGround Control

Newpark's Dura-Base mats got a real test during Space Shuttle Endeavour's journey to its new home at the California Science Center. The mats, which can bear loads in excess of 600 pounds per square inch, proved up to the task by stabilizing and distributing the massive weight of the retired orbiter, and protecting he ground beneath.

solar-powered LED pathway lighting'Green' Lighting

First Light Technologies Ltd. is making a "green" statement with its new line of solar-powered LED pathway lighting for architectural, commercial and landscaping uses. Its products boast a low installation cost with minimal site impact and no trenching, cabling or wiring, no electricity bills or bulbs to change and are immune from power outages.

Copper Cop, a security system from Linear LLCCopper Protection

Thieves can destroy a $10,000 HVAC unit to get $75 worth of copper tubing inside it. To the rescue: Copper Cop, a security system from Linear LLC. It includes a wire harness and spring-loaded clips enclosed in durable casing that provides warning signage to deter would-be copper stealers. If breached, the system sets off an alarm to a security company which alerts the police

LED Drivers. Its new PLED seriesNext Gen Drivers

To help luminaires operate at peak performance, Thomas Research Products has come out with its next generation of LED Drivers. Its new PLED series line launches with some of the most popular wattages. The 75W series is 25 percent smaller and its 96W is 33 percent smaller than other models. Both use a common case design but the length of TRP's aluminum housing is designed to allow use in a wider range of fixtures.

Smart-Bit designed specifically for fiber cement boardBit to Fit

Starborn Industries has come out with its new Smart-Bit designed specifically for fiber cement board. The tungsten carbide-tipped pre-drilling and countersinking tool makes it possible to pre-drill and countersink in one step at a consistent depth, without damaging the work surface. It has a free-spinning stop collar, which controls the depth of the drill and countersink.

Cordless Caulk and Adhesive GunCompact Force

The new M12™ Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Gun is billed by Milwaukee Electric Tool as the most compact and weighing 40 percent less than its battery-powered competitors. It boasts 400 pounds of pushing force, steady dispensing and a 360-degree rotating collar design for around turns.

Stratified Solar Thermal Storage TankSolar Thermal Storage Tank

Lochinvar LLC is billing its Thermal-Stor™ Stratified Solar Thermal Storage Tank as a cost-effective method to tap into solar thermal and ground source applications. With an emphasis on hydronic space heating, it uses the natural buoyancy of heated water. As heat is added, the hot water rises to the top and the cooler water settles at the bottom. Thermal-Stor is available in 125- to 900-gallon capacities.

Variable-speed water-source heat pump

variable-speed water-source heat pumpsTrane's line of variable-speed water-source heat pumps now includes the industry's first horizontal configurations designed for commercial use. The horizontal models feature sizes up to five tons. Its fan technology enables custom on/off cycling modes and airflow parameters, reduces wear and tear and provides a more consistent environment. Trane Axiom water-source heat pumps deliver potential energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to conventional water-source heat pumps.

Hybrid excavators—the Cat 336E H

Cat 336E HCaterpillar Inc. rolled out the first model in its new line of hybrid excavators—the Cat 336E H. It will be available for order in February, with factory shipments beginning in March. The 336E H has all of the features of the 336E, plus it delivers more fuel efficiency. Customers can expect the 336E H to use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to a standard 336E, and up to 33 percent less fuel than the 330/336D.

LED Lights

energy-efficient lighting with its Grand Terrace LED Spot Pendant and Grand Terrace LED 14 Light PendantMeyda Custom Lighting offers a unique design combined with energy-efficient lighting with its Grand Terrace LED Spot Pendant and Grand Terrace LED 14 Light Pendant. Both are designed for commercial and residential environments. The two lighting fixtures feature a solid American walnut base with amber glass covers, along with hand-finished wrought iron canopy and frame. The Grand Terrace LED Spot Pendant has a miniature LED spotlight on its base. The Grand Terrace 14 Light Pendant features six LED downlights.

Durometer extrusion

silicone dual durometer extrusionLauren Manufacturing of Philadelphia has developed an exclusive silicone dual durometer extrusion. The seal, available in standard and custom colors, is designed with great compression properties, durability, weatherability and high temperature resistance.


TarcoLeakBarrier EasyLay UDL 15 is the lightest of the new synthetic underlayment products from Tarco. The company says a 22-pound roll covers 1,000 square feet (10 squares). "Consisting of an 8-millimeter thick poly scrim material beneath a nonwoven fabric for walkability, UDL 15 is an alternative to asphalt saturated felt in steep-slope roofing applications," says Tarco. "It joins UDL Basic and UDL 50 in the EasyLay UDL product line introduced earlier this year." Tarco offers "extreme value pricing" when this product ships with other Tarco products. For more information on Tarco LeakBarrier Products, contact customer service at 800-365-4506 or e-mail

Nu Flow

Nu FlowNu Flow, a manufacturer, installer and distributer of cost-effective, green repipe alternatives and no-dig solutions, recently launched the Mi-T-Cutter, designed to cut open lateral reinstatements from the inside, as opposed to the branch line. According to Nu Flow, "the Mi-T-Cutter is constructed to fit in 4- to 6-inch lined pipe and used to cut open lateral reinstatements, trapped drain connections and cutting out hard debris in longer sections of drain lines." Nu Flow adds, "the Mi-T-Cutter is 32 inches long and is accompanied by three different cutting heads. The cutter itself has a bladder that locks it into place making it ideal for vertical pipe reinstatements." For more information, visit or call 1-800-834-9597.


16-Gauge Angled Li-ion Cordless Finish Nailing SystemPaslode's newest product is the 16-Gauge Angled Li-ion Cordless Finish Nailing System. According to the company, "this product delivers consistent, reliable results to meet the demands of every job." At just 4.5 pounds, the compact Cordless Finish Nailer easily reaches tough corners and tight spaces while minimizing fatigue. Paslode adds: "This lightweight system also eliminates compressor noise, hose management and clutter. Featuring a 7.4-volt battery and a one-hour rapid charger, the system drives up to 6,000 nails per charge and can reach 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes." Ashley Mack, marketing specialist at Paslode, says: "Not only does our new Cordless Finish Nailing System eliminate noisy, bulky air compressors and hoses on the job site, it delivers the precision and power required for the job and can enhance the builder's reputation for expertise and craftsmanship." To order this product, visit or call 1-800-222-6990.


DECRA Roofing SystemsDECRA Roofing Systems now offers DECRA Shingle XD, the latest addition to its vast line of products. DECRA Shingle XD has hidden fasteners and installs directly to the deck using DECRA's unique "Cut & Tuck" technology. The company says, "DECRA Shingle XD is the product of innovation and years of experience in manufacturing and perfecting stone coated steel roofing. Made of corrosion resistant, aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish, the steel substrate used to make DECRA Roofing products contains upwards of 25 percent post-consumer recycled steel content, and is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its life." For more information, visit or call 877-GO-DECRA.

Energy Efficient Glass

Sungate 600 glassPPG Industries has introduced Sungate 600 glass, a multifunctional low-emissivity glass that can enhance the insulating performance of buildings in a variety of climates and applications. PPG Industries says that in moderate climates where heat gain is desired, Sungate 600 glass can function as a traditional high-performing passive low-e glass. Alternatively, Sungate 600 glass is effective in colder climate zones where even higher insulating values are desired. According to PPG Industries, when paired with a tinted or reflective glass from the Oceans of Color or Earth and Sky glass collections by PPG, or with any Solarcool or Vistacool glass, Sungate 600 glass can improve U-values by up to 30 percent. For more information about Sungate 600 glass, visit or call 888-PPG-IDEA (774-4332).

Torpedoes Away!

DWHT43003 torpedo levelDeWALT recently unveiled the lightweight DWHT43003 torpedo level with an extruded aluminum body. Product Manager Spencer Maheu describes the new model: "We know today's professional contractors are tough on their tools, that's why we've integrated solid block vials into this DeWALT torpedo for durability and accuracy that stand up to the abusive jobsiste conditions." Maheu adds: "With a rotating vial, this tool is perfect for identifying and duplicating angles, slopes and pitch." DeWALT's torpedo level is available at The Home Depot.

Hard Hat Software

Sage 100 Contractor 2013Sage North America has just released Sage 100 Contractor 2013, formerly Sage Master Builder, and its most recent enhancements. The software combines accounting, project management, estimating and service management into one complete construction business management system. Sage North America says it has even developed a new, easy-to-learn user interface for the program, which focuses on three primary areas: improving service operations, controlling the costs of doing business and ensuring employees have the information they need, when they need it. Construction Business Services represents Sage Construction and Real Estate Software products in Hawaii. Visit or call (808) 332-9438.

Perfect Trim

rustproof trims for fiber cement boardPlastic Components' latest product, rustproof trims for fiber cement board, delivers a better finish and cleaner, rustproof job in projects with 5/16-inch or 1/2-inch cementitious fiber board. The company says, "We offer a weeped casing bead and STARTER TRAC™, Z flashing and inside/outside corner for each board thicknesses. These impact-resistant trims protect the edges of the board and manage moisture infiltration." For more information about this product, visit or email

A Modern Candelabra

candelabra LED lampsToshiba International Corp. says its new candelabra LED lamps offer breathtakingly beautiful light and impressive energy savings. According to the company, the new candelabra 180 series lamp is ENERGY STAR qualified and uses up to 84 percent less energy than incandescent candelabras. Furthermore, Toshiba says the candelabra 180 is dimmable, contains no mercury or lead and is rated to last 25,000 hours — or up to 16 times longer than its incandescent equivalent. For more information, visit

Light up Your Site

Larson Electronics Magnalight Larson Electronics Magnalight recently announced the release of its PML-40W-PAR46 vehicle-mounted LED light. Designed to provide a rugged lighting solution for those seeking to improve the performance of exterior illumination on cars, trucks, and military vehicles, it provides the power, ruggedness and versatility that is needed for specialized projects. Larson's 40-watt LED consumes less power (4 amps), and produces more than three times as much light as a comparable 50-watt halogen off-road light. Users can connect to any vehicle with a 12 to 14-volt electrical system. For more information, visit

Thrill of the Drill

DD 150-U diamond coring systemHilti says its simple to understand and easy to use DD 150-U diamond coring system allows the operator to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions. The new drill has a 6-inch capacity for drilling the most popular size holes for anchoring. According to Hilti, the DD 150-U can handle a variety of base materials from concrete, brick and natural stone. Performance is optimized in the wet drilling mode and is the effective coring system for rig-based-drilling in concrete, pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating, air conditioning installations, cable trays, ducts, and for the installation of railings and barriers. For more information visit the Hilti showroom at 1199 Dillingham Blvd. or call 845-9664.

Lasting Lumber

oriented stand board (OSB) structural roofLP® Building Products is now offering a line of oriented stand board (OSB) structural roof, wall and floor products specifically engineered for Hawaii's unique climate. LP TopNotch® 350 Premium OSB sub-flooring is treated with the SmartGuard® process, assisting in resistance to termites and fungal decay. It is free of knots and voids, and also resists twisting, wrapping, cupping, shrinking and delaminating. It offers impressive structural strength and remarkable burn-through fire resistance. LP TopNotch 350 Premium OSB sub-flooring is backed by a 25-year limited warranty. For more information visit:

Luminous Efficiency

BR30 LED lamp that offers lighting rated to last 40,000 hoursToshiba International Corp. unveiled its new, powerful BR30 LED lamp that offers lighting rated to last 40,000 hours, while providing significant energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs. According to Toshiba, it offers a smooth and even beam – perfect for accent lighting and illuminating a space. Toshiba's new BR30 650 series is a direct replacement for 65-watt incandescent lamps, features dimmable lighting, and contains no mercury or lead. The lamps also last up to 20 times longer, using 79 percent less energy than its incandescent equivalents. For more information visit:

Magic Touch

UltraTouch denim insulationBonded Logic introduces UltraTouch denim insulation, a product made from high-quality natural fibers containing inherent qualities that provide for effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance. According to Bonded Logic, UltraTouch is free of fiberglass itch and is easy to handle and work with. It contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to other traditional products. Furthermore, UltraTouch is a Class-A building product and meets the highest ASTM testing standards for fire and smoke ratings, fungi resistance and corrosiveness. UltraTouch Denim Insulation contains 80 percent post-consumer recycled natural fibers, which is ideal for builders dedicated to sustainable building practices. For more information, visit

One Cool CAT

D9T track-type tractoHawthorne Cat has added a host of new features to its D9T track-type tractor that delivers enhanced operator productivity, safety and comfort. For example, the company says, "a low-effort electronic dozer control handle gives the operator control of all dozer functions with one hand. Furthermore, for added safety, the new Dynamic Inclination Monitor provides readouts of the tractor's pitch angle and side-to-side slope." In addition, a new operator-presence system locks out the power train and hydraulic system to avoid unintentional machine movement when the operator is entering or leaving the cab, assisted by redesigned steps, handles and guardrails. For more information on this product, log on to or visit Hawthorne Pacific at 94-025 Farrington Highway.

Batteries Not Required

Skyfuel's new solar landscape paving lightsSimple daylight is all it takes to power Skyfuel's new solar landscape paving lights. An ideal choice any home, business or community landscape, these paving lights are completely wireless and can be installed anywhere. Furthermore, the lights come in a variety of colors and styles, have no batteries to change and one can even drive over them. Order Skyfuel solar landscape paving lights from Futura Stone of Hawaii. Visit or call 841-7433.

Killer Curves

the RADii Trim SystemPlastic Components now offers a simple, convenient, efficient way to finish a suspended ceiling that terminates at a curved wall or surface. Introducing the RADii Trim System, a product that is ideal for outside and inside radius treatments, including compound or S-shapes. According to the company, these trims eliminate the need for expensive add-ons like extruded metal column rings, radius revel moldings and wall angles. The RADii Trim System is made of non-rusting PVC and is available in these sizes: 15, 24, 30 and 54 inches. For more information, visit or e-mail

High Tech Glass

green laser engraved technology DDG Glass has just introduced its newest product, Cerilas, a product designed for any application where creative, art-inspired architects, designers, and end users would normally use glass or a piece of art. This includes, but is not limited to, windows, doors, sidelights, shower doors and enclosures, tabletops, signage and wall art. This green laser engraved technology gives more innovative design and artistic options to the industry, including three-dimensional capabilities. Cerilas' advantages over conventional etched glass products lie in its fabrication process and in its uniqueness. Typically, acid, silica-carbide, sand, or ink is required to create similar art on glass. Waste and environmental hazards are eliminated, as this product does not require these additives. Production is silent and with the subsurface engraving, cleaning and maintenance time of the glass is minimized. Furthermore, the ability to create extremely detailed thin lines, gray-scaled images, and gradient etching are possible with 100 percent reproduction capabilities as the entire process is computerized and automated. For more information about Cerilas, call Doran Chavez of DDG Glass at 218-4436 or e-mail

Sustainable Solution

EcoGrille9Wood recently introduced EcoGrille, a sustainable wood product that offers Hawaii designers an ecological and economical solution. According to the company, EcoGrille is a product that is helping to offset pressure on the world's natural forests. The 9Wood EcoGrille features Forest Stewardship Council-certified Pacific Albus, a hardwood grown in the Pacific Northwest. This light-colored, lightweight hardwood grows on a 12 to 13-year harvesting cycle, which is five to 10 times faster than typical hardwoods and softwoods. For more information on this product, visit or contact Hawaii representative Dan Boustead at or 754-8364.

Toy for Techies

Caterpillar e-BooksCaterpillar is now using iPad technology to help customers understand its equipment. The company recently introduced an e-Book to showcase the TH514 and explain its functions. The interactive e-Book is free to download, and includes hi-res photos, videos, demos, specification guides and information about the TH514 to help users learn more about the machine's key features and benefits. Operators equipped with iPads can literally learn while they're on the job, comfy inside of the operator cab. Look for more Caterpillar e-Books in the future. To download this e-Book, visit:

Champion of the Sun

Apollo Solar Roofing SystemCertainTeed Corporation recently announced the debut of the Apollo Solar Roofing System, featuring highly integrated photovoltaic panels into the roofing system. According to CertainTeed, Apollo Solar Roofing is the versatile solution for maximum power and flexibility in installation directly on new or existing roofs. Apollo generates power from high-efficiency polycrystalline solar cells mounted in arrays that produce 12 watts per square foot – more than double the output of some other technologies. To order this product in Hawaii, contact Dean Fukumoto, territory manager for CertainTeed Roofing, at 352-6965 or e-mail him at

Smooth Ride

PF6000 highway-class paversVolvo presents it new line of PF6000 highway-class pavers, featuring independent auger and conveyor systems, automatic conveyor tensioning and a patented front-wheel suspension. PF6000 pavers feature automatic chain tensioning that ensures the proper performance of the conveyor system, saving maintenance time and costs. They also have improved material flow control. PF6000 pavers also offer improved user comfort as operator seats extend beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility. To purchase or rent Volvo equipment, call Volvo Rents at 693-8771 or visit its Kapolei showroom at 91-255 Hanua St.

How Illuminating

Tesla high output recessed downlights is the newest line of energy efficient LED Tesla high output recessed downlights is the newest line of energy efficient LED products from WAC Lighting. According to the company, these lights can be used for a variety of residential, hospitality, retail and commercial applications. Offered with 2 and 3.5-inch apertures, Tesla high output LED downlights offer a variety of styles and optics, including spot (15 degree angle), narrow (26 degree angle), and flood (45 degree angle) beam spreads. These sophisticated luminaires deliver higher lumen output (up to 560 lumens for a 2-inch style and up to 812 lumens for a 3.5-inch model) than 50-watt MR16 halogen luminaires while using 60 percent less power. They utilize the latest energy efficient LED technology for optimal thermal management and heat dissipation, and offer a potential LED life of 50,000 hours. To order this product, visit Kona Coast House of Lights in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Call (808) 329-0748.

Crushing Blows

hydraulic demolition cutter CC 950 with a hydraulic rotation deviceAtlas Copco presents its new hydraulic demolition cutter CC 950 with a hydraulic rotation device. The CC 950 can be used for light demolition work, such as eliminating masonry and lightly reinforced concrete structures and particularly for interior renovation and gutting. With an operating weight of 920 kg, the new CC 950 fits onto carriers between 9 and 16 tons.
The company says: "The serial-production hydraulic rotation device ensures continuous 360-degree rotation, thus allowing attachments to be placed in position quickly and easily. 55 tons of crushing force is a further argument in the CC 950's favour." The attachment cutting blades can be rotated, so replacing them on the construction site is possible without much time and effort. Learn more about this product by visiting

Clean Freak

M•Power faucets, and they are designed with conservation and convenience in mindMoen Incorporated's commercial division now offers a complete line of easy-to-use sensor-operated faucets featuring hands-free activation. They are called M•Power faucets, and they are designed with conservation and convenience in mind. Moen says: "They are ideal for commercial, healthcare and educational facility applications. A unique motion sensor starts and stops the flow of water, automatically reducing daily gallons used, reducing sewage bills, limiting hot water consumption, saving energy and preventing the risk of accidental overflow." Furthermore, because there are no handles, M•Power faucets offer a hygienic solution in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. M•Power faucets are sold at Lowe's stores throughout Hawaii.

Tropical Chic

Bellavita TileBellavita Tile recently debuted an elegant collection of tiles called Bamboo Planks, which recreates the look of natural bamboo through glass. Suitable for residential, commercial and institutional spaces, the glass tiles are 2 inches by 12 inches in size, 8 millimeters thick, and ideal for wall and column applications. The collection is available in six colors: Desert (shown here), Mocha, Snow, Smoke, Taupe and Midnight. Bellavita Tile distributes its product in Hawaii through Pono Stone LLC. Contact Pono Stone at 721-9767 or e-mail Bella Vita Products can be viewed online at:

Got a Light?

solar powered LED has just debuted a solar powered LED beacon that offers maintenance-free operation and 30 different strobing flash patterns. Powered by a 14.3 volt lithium poly battery and recharged via an included solar panel assembly, the SPLED-CL1B-M Class 1 LED beacon is visible for over a mile and can run for more than five hours on a full charge. The beacon is magnetically mounted and ideal for applications where a strong and effective signal beacon is needed yet normal power sources are either unavailable or inconvenient. It is ideal for construction sites where equipment operators need to let others know that an operation is running. Visit for more details on this product.

Make It Rain

GrohFlex is a new universal valve system by GROHEGrohFlex is a new universal valve system by GROHE that accommodates the full spectrum of shower applications — from a basic tub-shower setup to a multi-function, custom shower. According to GROHE, the core element of GrohFlex is a one-size-fits-all, rough-in box that will accommodate the portfolio of GrohFlex bath solution kits, which include trim coupled with an integral four-port control module valve, including service stops. Connections to the hot and cold 0.5 inch water supplies and the outlets are made via the installation box. The Bath Solution Kit is plugged into the rough-in box to complete the trim installation. GROHE products are available at Lowe's stores throughout Hawaii.


AquaPave Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control SystemIntroducing the AquaPave Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System by Abbostford. The company says this product is an important first effort to reduce excess stormwater runoff quantities and improve water quality. The AquaPave system allows commonly recurring rainstorms to infiltrate through a permeable concrete pavingstone surface into a clear crushed open-graded aggregate base before being released into storm sewers or watercourses. Known as permeable interlocking concrete pavement, the system acts as an infiltration facility for the storage, treatment, and improvement of released water. To order this product in Hawaii, contact Futura Stone and Concrete Products, an approved installer of the AquaPave system. Visit or call 841-7433.

Vast Improvement

permeable paversVAST composite permeable pavers are a superior alternative to concrete permeable pavers. The company says: "Combined with an open-graded base, VAST permeable pavers can reduce runoff-generating impervious cover and decrease the rate and quantity of runoff. Paver joints are filled with small stones and independently tested at an infiltration rate of over 480 inches per hour. VAST composite masonry is the first composite material in the world, made almost entirely of recycled materials with the physical strength, durability and natural appearance to replace concrete. VAST composite masonry utilizes up to 95 percent post-consumer recycled materials, requires 82 percent less energy and releases 89 percent less carbon dioxide than most concrete product manufacturers." This product is available through Evergreen by Debra, LLC. Visit, call 239-6599 or e-mail

Reclaim to Fame

TerraMaiTerraMai provides distinctive, one-of-a-kind wood products for premiere commercial and residential projects. The company recently released a new line of solid and engineered wood flooring. TerraMai says its experts travel the globe in search of the most beautiful and unique reclaimed woods. In fact, all of TerraMai's woods are reclaimed and all are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Over the company's 19-year history, TerraMai has repurposed millions of board feet of salvaged wood. In the process, the company has helped offset the use of new wood (especially old-growth tropical hardwoods) and the emissions associated with the logging, transportation, milling and processing of new wood. Browse the company's vast selection of products at To order, contact Aaron Preman, LEED AP, at or call 530-925-2751.

Window of Opportunity

Pella Windows and DoorsPella Windows and Doors recently debuted a new line of windows that is ideal for Hawaii home and business owners. Pella 350 Series windows offer durability and energy-efficient options that meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines for the state of Hawaii. Pella's new line of windows features an exclusive energy-saving system that provides industry-leading protection from extreme temperature and blocks 96 percent of the sun's fading rays. Furthermore, Pella 350's weather-strip is up to three times more effective than the window industry standard. For more information, visit the Pella showroom at 214 Sand Island Access Road. (Courtesy of Pella® Windows and Doors)

Flying Colors

Eagle Roofing ProductsEagle Roofing Products presents a new line of energy-efficient claylike tiles. Inspired by an authentic handmade looking tile, the Artisan Series is available in an array of striking colors. According to Eagle Roofing Products, Artisan tiles can help reduce cooling costs by reducing heat transfer into the attic due to the airspace under the tile, as well as its highly reflective surface. The concrete tiles are created in a single base color and treated with a unique process that creates random streaks in beautiful accent colors so that no two tiles look the same. Pictured here is the color "Hilo Sunset." To find out more about Eagle's new Artisan Series and other tile roofing solutions, visit

High Polish

Metabo CorporationMetabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, now offers a 4-inch wet polisher that provides the most power and highest speed range of any wet polisher on the market. The PWE11-100 is ideal for polishing and finishing natural stone, artificial stone and concrete. The new polisher includes Metabo's VTC (Vario Tacho Constamatic) electronic speed stabilization for in-
creased productivity under the heaviest operating conditions. The PWE11-100 features a long-lasting 9.6 A motor with 1,100 watts of power, 34 inch-pounds of torque and a no-load speed of 1,700 rpm to 5,400 rpm. This enables the PWE11-100 to polish twice as fast as an air polisher and gives the tool the ability to drive 1-3/8 inch core bits for faucet installations. Metabo products are available at Airgas Gaspro.

Laser Sharp

GLM 80, the first Li-ion battery-powered combination laser distance and angle measurerBosch Measuring Tools, a worldwide leader in laser measuring technology, introduces a new laser distance measurer. The GLM 80, the first Li-ion battery-powered combination laser distance and angle measurer, incorporates a number of new features including the ability to accurately measure heights of and distances to objects with only one click of a button. The integrated two-axis tilt sensor, a first in the industry, enables the GLM 80 to read angles when the unit is handled either horizontally or vertically. Its indirect measurement mode is ideal for taking measurements that are inaccessible. This product is available at Lowe's Home Improvement. For more information, visit

Road Warrior

Gradall XL 4100 IV hydraulic excavatorGradall recently debuted the Gradall XL 4100 IV hydraulic excavator outfitted with its new AutoDrive(TM) system featuring an automatic transmission. This is a machine that can easily travel from home base to the jobsite and back. It travels at speeds up to 60 mph, which eliminates the need for a lowboy trailer and enables the operator to get to the jobsite faster. The machine also has a new 245-horsepower Tier 4i Mercedes engine that meets the latest EPA standards. The single engine is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively power the excavator up to 60 mph on highways, or 5 mph for repositioning around jobsites from the upperstructure cab. To purchase or rent Gradall equipment, visit Bob's Equipment Sales, Rental & Repair located at 2285 Hoonee Place or go to

Future Living

ioDIGITAL vertical spaMoen once again has set a high standard for luxury-class shower products. The company recently introduced the ioDIGITAL vertical spa, a product that offers consumers the ultimate shower experience. An ideal product for high-end, custom building projects, the ioDIGITAL vertical spa has multiple showerheads and is outfitted with an array of high-tech features. The ioDIGITAL interface allows consumers to quickly and accurately set the preferred combination of temperature, flow and spray outlets. The ioDIGITAL system is powered by an electronic valve that manages the hot and cold water supply, and can be located up to 30 feet from the bathroom for easy installation and retrofit flexibility. This product is currently available at Lowe's Home Improvement. For more information, visit

Light the Night

solar-poweredSkyfuel construction grade solar paving lights are now available in Hawaii.
These grid-independent paving lights are solar-powered, with no batteries, conduit, wiring or transformers required, also allowing it to be installed nearly anywhere, in both vertical or horizontal applications, including garden patio, fountain, stairway, sidewalk, swimming pool deck, exterior building walls or driveways. Made with polycarbonate or cast aluminum casings, they are designed to withstand traffic loads as large as semi-trucks and trailers and are 100 percent waterproof.
For additional product information visit The local dealer is Futura Stone of Hawaii, located on Sand Island Parkway, phone: 841-7433, web site:

Heart of Glass

glass woodTimberSIL recently introduced GlassWood, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) only certified nontoxic "barrier" wood building material, exempt from EPA's pesticide regulations. The product is manufactured through a process that forms millions of barriers around and within fibers of southern yellow pine. This microscopic coating is composed of silica flakes. It is 50 times stronger than wet-treated wood, has four times more holding strength for screws and fasteners, and is non-corrosive. It is both a Class A fire retardant and ignition resistant material.
TimberSIL GlassWood is available through Judd Hummel in the Dillingham Transportation Building at 735 Bishop St., phone: 531-5542, e-mail:


Maximum Comfort

EC250D and EC300D excavatorsVolvo Construction Equipment recently debuted the EC250D and EC300D excavators, powerful and reliable machines that excel in heavy digging and lifting duties, offering superior cycle times and greater fuel efficiency. Furthermore, these models are fitted with latest generation Care Cab that offer operators excellent visibility and ideally placed controls and monitors. Furthermore, they offer a quieter, safer and more comfortable space in which to work. Volvo Care cabs provide greater ergonomic comfort leading to reduced fatigue and increased productivity. They also minimize vibration and noise, which gives operators a smoother ride; each model is roll over protection system-protected and mounted on dampened cab mounts that iron out vibrations. For more information, contact Volvo Rents on Oahu at 693-8771 or visit

Productivity Boost

skid steer loadersNew Holland Construction says its new 200 series skid steer loaders offer superior productivity. The company's engineers used input from hundreds of customers to design its new line of skid steers. The machines are ideal for a wide variety of construction and landscaping applications. According to New Holland, its patented vertical lift Super Boom® design has best-in-class forward dump height and reach. It's more efficient to load materials to the center of the truck. In addition, its industry leading bucket breakout force and dump angle provide fast cycle times and improved productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-888-365-6423.

Carryin' A Torch

18V LXT lithium-ion cordless drywall screwdriver kitMakita presents the new 18V LXT lithium-ion cordless drywall screwdriver kit. Its Makita-built motor delivers 0-4,000 RPM to handle drywall and framing applications. Makita says its LXT Lithium-Ion battery provides longer run time, five times lower self-discharge (for use any time) and 16 firm holding contact terminals (for constant high power). Thirty-minute rapid optimum charger communicates with the battery's built-in chip throughout the charging process to optimize battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature. There is also a built-in fan to cool the battery to produce more lifetime work. To order this product, visit Slim's Power Tools at 1626 Republican St. or visit

Brains & Brawn

the 470G LCJohn Deere continues to make strides in operator comfort. The company recently debuted the 470G LC, an excavator that offers an exceptionally spacious and cozy operating environment. But here's what sets this machine's operator cab apart from the rest — it's equipped with JDLink Ultimate, giving its owner 24/7online access to its location. John Deere says, "You can track machine health, utilization, and fuel consumption — valuable information that helps you better understandcosts and jobsite performance. Plus, you can help protect your machine from theft by setting up geofence and curfew alerts in your JDLink account." To learn more about this product, contact American Machinery on Oahu at 682-8282 or visit

Retro Chic

Weymouth collection from MoenThe Weymouth collection from Moen captures the beauty and luxury of yesteryear for a classic, timeless design. Moen's full suite of products boasts unique, elaborate and detailed design elements, such as porcelain inlays and delicate curves, adding flair to the sink, shower and tub. Moen's new line offers perfectly matching bathroom accessories, wall mount faucets and vertical spa packages to help the traditional bath stand apart. The elegant faucets in the Weymouth collection are certified to meet WaterSense criteria, reducing water usage by up to 32 percent, without sacrificing performance. A matching Eco-Performance showerhead flows at 1.75 gallons per minute — 30 percent less than the industry standard. Moen products are available at The Home Depot and Lowe's Home Improvement stores throughout Hawaii.

Waste Not

Uponor has created a new packaging designUponor has created a new packaging design for its crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing coils, which are a leading choice for residential and commercial plumbing. Uponor's new packaging offers a more user-friendly product for customers and dramatically reduces packaging waste. Uponor says its new design shrink-wraps a low-density polyethylene film around a coil of tubing and adds a circular perforation in the center of the coil. Users simply punch through the perforation and pull the required amount of PEX tubing for the job. When finished, users simply tuck the tubing end back into the center of the coil and transport the coil to the next job. More details are available at

Mean & Green

mean & green hawthorneHawthorne Cat's new D6T, D7E and D8T track-type tractors deliver reduced emissions, higher productivity and lower operating costs. Hawthorne Cat says these models from Caterpillar build on the solid, proven designs of their predecessors with new features that increase fuel-efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs. All three models feature Cat engine and after treatment solutions to meet US Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. According to Hawthorne Cat, the D6T and D7E use the Cat C9.3 ACERT™ engine and the D8T uses the Cat C15 ACERT engine, having net horsepower ratings of 205, 235 and 310 respectively. These engines utilize the building blocks of ACERT Technology, including the Cat NOx Reduction System and Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM), to meet Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. Hawthorne Cat products are available in Hawaii through Hawthorne Pacific Corp. Call 677-9111 or visit

High Class Glass

Masonite, global manufacturer of interior and entry doorsMasonite, global manufacturer of interior and entry doors, recently introduced its new designer patio door collection that enhances a home's beauty while providing a heap of energy saving, dependable performance. Masonite's new collection features SpectraWeld technology on select decorative glass panels. This unique system utilizes revolutionary composite material that bonds to the glass and simulates caming. Masonite Patio systems are available as NFRC certified units in fully assembled or knock-down kits, with low-E configurations qualifying for the tax credit. Door panels are also available in standard and flush-glazed configurations. Its designer patio doors are manufactured with Low-E glass, which improves thermal performance and allows for year-round energy efficiency. Masonite's designer patio doors are available at Honsador Lumber and Hardware Hawaii stores on Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

Fail-Safe Connection

IRIS™ connectorWorking together with Optical Cable Corp., TrueView engineers have developed the IRIS™ connector, the first "fail-safe" breakaway fiber optic cable connector ever developed for traffic light control cabinets and highway network nodes.
The IRIS connector is easily configurable to any new or existing traffic cabinet. In the event of a traffic signal controller cabinet knockdown, the IRIS connector isolates fiber damage to the stricken cabinet. Because of the built-in safety disconnect point installed at the base of the cabinet, the fiber optic cable no longer gets ripped out of the ground by the crashing vehicle.
For information contact Optical Cable at (800) 622-7711, e-mail:; or visit

Spread the Wealth

CPDS Series 2Convenience Products has just released a new model of their portable constant pressure dispensing systems. The CPDS Series 2 machine, with an empty weight of 155 pounds and a footprint of 24 by 33 inches, is designed to be a high-performance foam spray system that can fit in the back of a truck or through standard doorways and entrances.
The unit holds up to 150 feet of chemical hose and includes a powder-coated metal toolbox, chemical-resistant labels and heavy-duty hose connectors. For more information, contact distributor Service Partners Supply, LLC at (800) 221-3359.

Speed of Light

New BoomLarson Electronics has just released its new Magnalight LM-30 telescoping light boom. With a range of up to 30 feet, the LM-30 is designed to elevate commercial light fixtures, cameras and electrical equipment securely with a maximum weight load of 150 pounds. The collapsible boom is built with 12 square, 0.5-inch thick steel with four pre-drilled three-quarter inch diameter holes for mounting and includes two 1,000-pound manual winches. For more information, visit of call 1 (800) 369-6671.

Making the Grade

DoMor EquipmenDoMor Equipment has just released a new line of skid-steer (SS) series grader attachments. Designed to attach directly to the front of an SS unit's universal mounting bracket, the attachments, constructed from 4-inch tubular steel, are also compatible with Bobcats, tractors and backhoes. Suitable for road reclamation, agriculture and light industrial applications and designed to handle dirt, weeds, gravel, brush and small trees, the SS series is available in 5, 6, 7 or 8-foot width models, with fixed, hydraulic and manually adjusted blades available. For more information, contact DoMor equipment at 1 (800) 798-2303, or visit

repelling rustRepelling Rust

Valspar has released a new line of anti-rust paints. Valspar Anti-Rust Armor is a heavy-duty, moisture- and chemical-resistant line of primer and enamel suitable for both interior and exterior uses, including wood and wall surfaces and is resistant to chips, cracks and peels. The product is available in many colors in both oil-based brushing and aerosol spray finishes. Also available in a gallon-size Anti-Rust Armor Professional Maintenance Enamel for industrial use only. For more information, visit CarQuest Hawaii at or call (888) 778-7011.

On Tap

kohrKohler recently added to its Purist line of fixtures with its new Purist Bridge kitchen faucets. Available in polished chrome, polished nickel, matte black, and stainless finishes, the new model features a 360-degree swivel spout, improved ergonomics as well as wall-mount and deck-mount options. Deck-mounted units are available with optional sidespray. The faucet also includes a 1.8 gallon-per-minute aerator compliant with CALGreen building standards code requirements. For more information, contact Ferguson Kitchen, Bath and Lighting Gallery on 925 Kokea St. at (808) 832-7474. Kohler products are also available at Lowe's Home Improvement and The Home Depot.

Deck Protectors

deck protectorsCertainTeed has just released two new colors of its PT Decking product: Castle Gray and Tudor Brown. CertainTeed's PT Decking products feature a high-density polyethylene core encapsulated by a fade- and scratch-resistant coating with an embossed, wood-like finish that is resistant to termites, splinters and decay. The wood plastic composite decking material is reversible, with four distinct, complementary grain patterns and comes with a 20-year stain and fade performance warranty. PT Decking products are also available in bronze, rosewood and slate. For more information, visit or call 1 (800) 233-8990.

drill holeDrill, Baby, Drill

The Little Beaver company has just released a new line of hydraulic earth drills. Featuring an 11-horsepower Honda overhead valve gas engine, the HYD-PS11H hydraulic earth drill features a 5-gallon reservoir mounted on a three-wheel chassis and front and rear handles, as well as an integrated forward/reverse lever. The HYD-PS11H can drill holes up to 12 feet deep using 12-inch diameter augurs, and can accommodate augurs of up to 16 inches in diameter. The unit comes with a built-in 150-RPM motor, but 220-RPM and 125-RPM motors are also available for added speed or torque. For more information, visit or call 1-800-227-7515.

Light up the Night

ledAcuity Brands has just released a line of three new LED outdoor park luminaries. The Tersen Ratio PG, designed to meet IESNA RP-20 standards for use in parking garages, delivers up to 100 lumens per watt in a finned housing that serves as a heat sink with optional dedicated up-light. Its Lithonia Lighting VAP is designed for exterior environments, housed in a moisture- and dust-resistant polycarbonate enclosure, while the new model of Acuity's Lithonia Lighting ALX is designed to produce 18 to 25 percent more light than its previous model. Acuity Luminaries are available locally at Klopfenstein's Lighting on 1128 Nuuanu Ave., Suite 101. For more information, call (808) 533-0558.


Keep it Together

glue gunA new line of concrete mold hot melt adhesives and applicators is now available from Power Adhesives. The TEC 3200, a 400 watt 43mm/1.75-inch hot glue gun, is designed to apply beads or dots of adhesive, while the TEC 6300 unit is a 500 watt 43mm/1.75-inch self-contained pneumatic applicator that uses electricity and compressed air to spray hot melt adhesives. The TEC 7300, a 1000 watt, 43mm/1.75-inch hot melt spray applicator, is designed to cover 21 square feet on a single cartridge, is safe to use on heat-sensitive materials, has a built-in speed loader and melts up to 11.5 pounds of adhesive an hour. For more information, visit or call (704) 334-2425.


Deck Connection

clipThe Ipe Clip company has released a new line of high-density polyethylene deck tile connectors. Designed for use with wood-backed deck tiles, Deck Wise tile connectors feature a pre-cut center drain hole, scoring lines for side or corner installation, pre-set gap spacing and pre-drilled countersink holes for installation on top of existing wood or concrete surfaces. The connectors feature a matte finish available in brown, black, or gray and retail for about $2 a unit. For more information, visit Ipe Clip's web site at or call Ipe Clip at (864) 902-8818.

On the Level

laserHilti has put out a new pair of laser products. Its PMP 42 plumb laser and PMP 45 plumb and square laser have been designed with built-in magnetic feet for mounting and alignment on metal tracks. The PMP 42 generates two beams, while the PMP 45 generates two beams 90 degrees apart on the same plane and a third 90 degrees orthogonal to the plane. Both units come with Hilti calibration service as well as a two-year warranty. Hilti products are available at the Hilti Training Center on 1199 Dillingham Blvd. For more information, call (808) 845-9664.

blessingRoom-less Traction Elevator

Providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the low-rise building market, Schindler Elevator Corp. recently introduced its Schindler 3300 machine roomless traction elevator. The Schindler 3300 offers a range of design options and a smooth, quiet performance that uses less energy.

The system is designed to allow for more usable building and design space by eliminating the need for a machine room or a control closet. It fits into the footprint of a hydraulic elevator design, yet provides the smooth, quiet operation of traction technology. The system is delivered to the building site in one complete shipment, allowing accelerated lead times and quick installation.

Tier 4 technology

Hawthorne CAT has recently launched Caterpillar's exclusive new Tier 4 technology in Hawaii, designed specifically to reduce the environmental impact of large equipment.
The new Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB engines provide an combination of electronic, fuel, air and after-treatment components, based on engine size, the type of application and the geographic location. The engines have been specfically designed to meet or exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards set to take effect next year.
Highlights include: up to 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and up to 90 percent reduction in particulate matter (PM) and 50 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

"Hawthorne CAT is proud to bring this world-class technology to Hawaii," says Bobby Whitworth, general manager of Hawaii operations for Hawthorne CAT. "The new Tier 4 engines increase efficiencies to bring down costs as well as the impact on our environment."

blessingKahu Curt Kekuna performs the blessing during the groundbreaking. Participants included (from left): David Cheever, former-interim director of Mission Houses Museum; Anela Andrade (behind Kekuna), executive director of Punana Leo o Kawaiahao; Teddi Anderson of The Limtiaco Company, representing Hawthorne CAT; Dr. Thomas Woods, executive director of Mission Houses Museum; and Mission Houses Museum board members, Leilani McGuire and Charles Black.

Get a Grip

Unistrut Hawaii, a division of GP Roadway Solutions, recently intro- duced its latest innovation — Gripple seismic bracing systems. These bracing systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure nonstructural equipment and components within a building or structure to minimize earthquake damage to suspended components. For example, Gripple seismic bracing systems are ideal for use in essential facilities that are required for emergency operation in the aftermath of an earthquake. It is also ideal for: bearing cable trays, supporting trellises, hanging lights, signage support and mechanical, electrical and HVAC applications. Gripple seismic bracing systems are available in Hawaii through GP Roadway Solutions. To learn more, call 833-2502 or visit the GP Roadway Solutions showroom at 660 Mapunapuna St.

refrigerantCool as Ice

Airgas Gaspro recently announced its new lineup of refrigerants. This includes CFC, HCHC, HFC, ammonia and the new alternative refrigerants. Furthermore, Airgas can eliminate redundant purchases by combining refrigerant procurement with other gas products and safety supplies. Its broad product offering incorporates a complete selection of industrial gases — such as oxygen, nitrogen carbon dioxide, acetylene and argon, as well as welding equipment and supplies and safety products. Airgas says it ensures its customers receive not only reliable products but also value-added services. For example, Airgas will provide a refrigerant recovery cylinder at no extra charge. When the cylinder is full, return it to Airgas and they will dispose of it at no extra charge. For more information, call Airgas Hawaii at 842-2222 or visit the Honolulu showroom at 2305 Kam Highway. Log on to for more details. top of page

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