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Low Bids

The companies below submitted the low bids in Febrary for the work detailed. Submitting the lowest bid is not a guarantee of being awarded the job. However, it is a strong indication of future work, and subcontractors can plan accordingly.


Kiewit Infrastructure Group 30,713,580
Taxiway Z Structural Improvements at Honolulu International Airport

Grace Pacific LLC 13,345,730
Kamehameha Highway Resurfacing, Vicinity of Ka Uka Blvd. to Vicinity of Waihau St.

Royal Contracting Co., Ltd. 11,589,939
East Kapolei Development - Increment IIB Subdivision

Ilima International, Inc. 3,631,025
Wist-Everly Hall, Repair/Replace Air Conditioning System - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Haron Construction, Inc. 2,764,711
Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline - Makapuu Lookout and Access Rd. Improvements

Elite Pacific Construction, Inc. 1,798,000
Halawa Vector Control Facility - Office Space and Accessibility Improvements

The H.E. Johnson Company 1,690,000
Dobor New Office Building at Keehi Small Boat Harbor

Rons Construction Corporation 1,251,324
Pavement Restoration Along State Roadways

Paradigm Construction, LLC 1,049,232
Hawaii Film Studio - Various Improvements, Phase I

Ilima International, Inc. 392,298
St. John Plant Science Lab, Room 618, General Repairs and Renovations - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Prometheus Construction 384,400
Rock Slide Mitigative Improvements Along Moanalua Lp.

Tokunaga Masonry, Inc. 233,472
Seismic Retrofit at Kawailoa Rd. Bridge over Kaelepulu Stream – Bridge No. 411

International Roofing & Building Construction 136,150
Aikahi Elementary School - Miscellaneous Repair and Maintenance FY 2013

Derrick's Well Drilling & Pump Services, LLC 94,000
Halawa Wells - Replacement of Pump No. 2

Beylik Drilling & Pump Services, Inc. 92,000
Wilder Wells - Replacement of Pump No. 2

Derrick's Well Drilling & Pump Services, LLC 78,000
Newtown Wells - Replacement of Pump No. 2

Pacific Equipment Rental, Inc. 47,500
Kapolei Elementary School Campus - Miscellaneous Repairs

808 Electrical Contracting 42,182
Kahuku High & Intermediate School Portables - Install Ceiling Fans

Manaolana International 37,538
Hokulani Elementary School, Bldg. E - Replace Walkway

Hawaii Works, Inc. 29,295
Koko Head Elementary School, Bldg. H - Renovate Restrooms

Iniki Enterprises 10,968
DOE Honolulu District Office, Bldg. A - Replace Floor Tile with Vinyl Tile

Ted's Wiring Service, Ltd. 6,369
Farrington High School Campus - Street Light Wiring Replacement


Maui Master Builders, Inc. 2,992,836
Kekaulike Ave. Resurfacing - Haleakala Crater Rd. to Kula Hwy., Makawao

Site Engineering Inc. 60,300
Maui Community Correctional Center - Kitchen Loading Dock Storm Drain Improvements, Wailuku


Nan, Inc. 16,943,363
Kaiminani Dr. Roadway Improvements - Ahiahi St. to Vicinity of Ane Keohokalole Hwy., North Kona

Jacobsen Construction 4,589,000
Campus Security and Emergency Operations Center - University of Hawaii at Hilo

Heartwood Pacific, LLC 3,061,873
Site and Building Improvements at Pomaikai, Hilo

Stan's Contracting, Inc. 1,366,700
Department of Health Waiakea Complex - Roof and Other Improvements, Hilo

Site Engineering Inc. 674,700
Mt. View Elementary School - Miscellaneous Repair and Maintenance for Race To The Top

Yamada Paint Contracting. 664,424
Honokaa High & Intermediate - Miscellaneous R & M, FY 2013, Hamakua

Elcco Inc. 606,000
Pahoa High & Intermediate School - Miscellaneous R & M for Race To The Top, Zones Of School Innovation

Stan's Contracting, Inc. 477,300
Hawaii Community Correctional Center - Replace Emergency Generator System at Punahele, Hilo

Certified Construction, Inc. 305,067
Reroofing for Fire Maintenance Shop and Fire Dispatch/Warehouse, South Hilo

Maui Master Builders, Inc. 210,735
Waiakea High School - Miscellaneous Repair and Maintenance, FY 2013, Hilo

International Roofing & Building Construction 183,600
Hilo Union Elementary School - Replace Walkway A to B, A Reroof Covered Walkway to B, P3006 Repair Ramp

Russo Construction 49,934
Kaumana Elementary School, Bldg. C - Replace Gutters and Building E - Install Attic Fans, Hilo


Harvey Brothers, LLC 742,754
Kauai Community Correctional Center - Wastewater System Improvements, Lihue

Shioi Construction, Inc. 208,200
Icsd Mt. Kilohana Radio Facility Kauai - Repairs and Renovation

All Quality Builders 138,000
Furnishing, Delivery, Assembly and Installation of Aluminum Bleachers and Concrete Pads at Various Parks

Rec and Roll LLC dba NyLawn 77,721
Installation of Playground Equipment and Resilient Safety Surfacing at Isenberg Park, Lihue

Homestead Construction 38,000
Removal and Disposal of Existing Carpeting, Installation of New Aisle Carpeting in Theatre of the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall, Lihue

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